“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for opportunity when it comes.”

Here is an opportunity to SERVE NATION.

Here is an opportunity to participate NATION BUILDING MOVEMENT.

My wife Trupti and I have been investing our time and energy ….

to create a community of learning, living, leading and loving people ….

by “Transforming local children and youth into global citizens”.

We organise SHORT FILM SHOWs since 2006 in schools & colleges of villages near Valsad, Gujarat, India. (Valsad is our hometown.)

Broad objective of each Film Show is to :

  • – develop awareness,
  • – provide in-formal education,
  • – share information,
  • – inspire viewers to interact.
  • – get involved into the process of Transformation of the Nation.

We have limited source of income which limits us from expanding and spreading the area of coverage.

However, we very strongly believe,

…. if at all something has to be DONE by somebody, why not us ?

Let us get more and more people .. Invited .. Informed .. Inspired .. and .. Involved.

Interested ?

akhil | +91 9427 222 777

About અખિલ સુતરીઆ

મારા વિશે મારે કંઇક કહેવાનું હોય તો, .... થોડુ વિચારવું પડે. મને મારી ઓળખ કરાવે .... એવા એક જ્ણની તલાશમાં છું.
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