In Chat with Capt. Narendrabhai

captnarendra is online.

Akhil: halo I am Akhil Sutaria … from Valsad, Gujarat India

captnarendra: Hello, this is Capt. Narendra. How nice to hear from you!

Akhil: I guess you in the US ..

captnarendra: Yes, in the West Coast – California…

Akhil: and if you have mic and speakers we can voice chat too !!!

captnarendra: Oh! I am not computer literate! I’ll have to seek my son’s help to activate/fit mike etc. He can do it tomorrow (Friday) and hopefully we can actually talk to each other! It will be fun to hear a live voice on the computer!

Akhil: grt will be looking forward to be in conversation with you may I suggest you to visit my site at and

captnarendra: Yes, that’ll be nice. Sure, I used to follow your website in the past and you are doing a great job. I shall follow it up now.

Akhil: i have recently launched Radio AKHIL on my website do u get eNEWS Letter from Akhil TV ? captnarendra: sure/ I’ll save both sites. No, I am not getting your eNEWS. How do I access your radio?

Akhil: click

captnarendra: Will do. By the way, have you been able to see my blog? It will be nice to know your opinion.

Akhil: am reaching there right now.. and my blogs … and

captnarendra: I just looked in your first blog. Looks profound and thought provoking. The Hindi poem is so relevant to the time in Indian Politics! You have enrolled a faithful follower!!

Akhil: i have sent you a mail to accept and confirm invitation to begin recving eNEWS letter from Akhil TV on this ID. ifspeakers to ur pc are connected you will be able to listen to my radio now as well. click

captnarendra: I shall do that when my son visit me tomorrow. I just signed in my acceptance to your website.

Akhil: wonderful..

captnarendra: I am amazed to see how committed you are in so many activities. How do you find time to do all that?

Akhil: brb… am phone.. give few mins..

Akhil: am back there was a phone from a student from shuklatirth where we had screened our films last month and said my films helped him get organised for recent examinations ….. such reverting phonecalls bring in satisfaction for what we have been doing.

captnarendra: That’s the reward, isn’t it? Especially when it comes unexpectedly.

Akhil: very true how do I get time…… was your question… when I was on phone.. well…. I very strongly believe that its a matter of doing what you LOVE and LIKE rather than doing it for some reasons like NAME, FAME and or money.

captnarendra: I was browsing a book in a local bookshop – Barnes & Noble – where you can sit in a comfortable sofa and read books on display for sale. In that book, the writer, an American wrote his interpretation of the Gita: “Let your work be your reward…” it applies so well with what you are doing.

Akhil: yeh….

captnarendra: And well said!

Akhil: here is now time for dinner… my wife trupti is calling me..

captnarendra: Bye for now! Will chat sometime later.

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