Using SKYPE on Radio AKHIL

Using SKYPE on Radio AKHIL gives an opportunity to one and all to speak to the world !!!

Dear All,

I have great pleasure in annoucing a successful test results of Radio AKHIL incorporating SKYPE for making it more user friendly. ( Afterall I wish technology to be used for the betterment of mankind, connecting minds, bringing people of the planet close enough to create a community of learning, living, leading and loving people.

Now from Radio AKHIL, we are in a position to broadcast LIVE and / or recorded telephonic and or audio chat conversations from SKYPE.

All you need to do is :

1. Download skype messenger from for FREE. ( This messenger allows you to be in audio chat conversation with anyone who too is using skype just like yahoo and google talk. )

1a. As soon as download begins you will be asked to set your user name and password as usually happens with any registration process.

2. Connect headset or Mic and Speakers to your PC.

3. Log in to SKYPE using your username & password.

4. Set your profile details. ( this helps others to find you on SKYPE ). Adding your recent photo will be appreciated. ( Refrain from procastination while updating your profile !! )

——- Now you are ready to add me to your list.

5. Click >> NEW >> NEW CONTACT ( A new window will open with a dialogue box to do a search for you. )

6. TYPE akhilsutaria and click FIND. ( My Skype ID is akhilsutaria )

——– You will see my Fullname / Skype name / Country / Nation / Profile.

7. Select it. ( It will be highlighted in blue colour )


——– You are done.

Whenevr you are online,

log in to SKYPE and see if I am online,

( I will be !! )

call me via SKYPE for FREE

and get ready to be in conversation with me

for expressing your self to the world.

for assistance further to this, feel free :


my cellphone – 91 94 27 222 777

my phone – 91 2632 243 474

my directline – 91 2632 240 842

I am sure all of you will participate.

Will you ??

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