Thank you – ધન્યવાદ

Heeeep   Heeeeeep   Hooooorrraaayyyyyy 
We have acquired a mini lap top … You have always encouraged us and the Project Margdarshn.
A Very Big Thank You.
NEXT AIM – by October 31st, 2009 we will have …..
Maruti 800 OMNI 5 seater Van to be converted into a MULTI MEDIA MOBILE VAN with features like projection system, public address system, solar power system, internet connectivity, CNG driven, carrying cap for 5 pass.
Estimated cost – Rs. 3,50,000/- ( Including RTO + Insu + Internal Changes )
Fund accumaletd – Rs. 72,000/-
Fund to be raised – Rs. 2,78,000/- ( We sell our ability to design websites, produce video films and conduct seminars )
Do visit  and click margdarshan  to know about the project Margdarshan and information on how to contribute via PayPal or direct Bank Transfer.
Afterall its a question of Transforming LOCAL Children, Youth and Women into GLOBAL citizens by developing awareness through Video films.

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