“The Last Lecture”

Dear Kanakbhai,

The other side of a coin.

Whenever we get an “Instruction” starting with words “Don’t … ” it gives negative stroke to themindset.

and creates one more question.

for an example –

Don’t park YOUR cars here.

—- I will begin looking for an answer to ” Where am I to park my car ? ”

secondly –

the word “Don’t” triggers temptation. and it does not answer “HOW”

an another example –

‘Don’t compare your life to others’. – and it does not answer “HOW” !!!

I do compare my self with Vivekanandji, Gandhiji, Rajkapoor, Amitabh, Bin Laden, Dawood …… some / few others who live around me. And if I dont have to compare – let me know HOW can I refrain from and how can I stop thinking of it.

I feel there is NO WAY to STOP mental process. Except learning to witness it without acceptance / rejection.

Your views will help me know the third dimenssion.

with best regards,

AKHIL sutaria

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