2011 – 2021

We have chosen to spend this decade in utilising our knowledge and experience for developing awareness, provide informal education to inspire people for improving the quality of their lives.


To create a community of Learning, Living, Leading and loving people.


To associate with organisations who transform LOCAL Children, Students, Youth and Women into GLOBAL citizens.

Core Value

To work for self satisfaction and spreadind happiness.

Objectives –

  • To promote human values and commitment to society through educational institutions and social organizations.
  • To take up and get involved in activities aiming for social reforms.
  • To collaborate in any manner with individuals, organizations or movements with similar objectives as mentioned above.
  • To innovate effective and easy to adopt methods for practical education and empowerment.

We Can

  • Conduct seminars with a broad aim to improve the quality of human lives.
  • Motivate & Inspire children, students and youth to live meaningful and purposeful life.
  • Produce informative, inspirational and motivational video films for developing awareness.
  • Organise film shows and execute mass communication campaigns for community development.
  • Design, develop and maintain your website with multimedia tools like videos, audios, text, images, webcasts and podcasts including LIVE video streaming features.
  • Be your resource person for capacity building and share / exchange abilities, skills, knowledge and experience.

We have (Equipments) –

  • A multimedia mobile OMNI van with dual fuel system
  • An LCD projector.
  • A Laptop & Desk Top Computers with essential softwares for graphics and film making.
  • A portable DVD player.
  • A video camera with attachments & accessories.
  • A PA system with cordless microphone suitable for an audience of 200 people.

We Wish

  • We can be your guest for a limited and convenient period.
  • You would be our host. ( Simple hospitality for two persons )
  • We will not charge anything for what we offer.
  • However, if you may like to extend any financial assistance , it would help us maintain our equipments and take this mission a step further.
  • Together we can deliver the best to the community around us.

You Can

  • Collaborate or Associate with me to take advantage of my skill sets.
  • Involve me to organize and conduct learning events in schools / colleges in under developed areas.
  • Include me into your Public Relations & Interpersonal Relation team.
  • Extend support to publish my pocket booklets, greeting cards, calendars, audio books and produce motivational & inspirational videos.

The Bottom Line

Let us THINK and ACT together for students of Schools & Colleges, Youth, Women’s Club, Senior Citizens and Social & Spiritual Organisations in your area.

Little About AKHIL sutaria

AKHIL is an instrumentation engineer by education , freelance trainer & inspirational speaker by profession and a motivational film maker by choice.

He has a natural flair of expression and an outstanding ability to explain complexity of any given situation by giving absolutely easy to understand illustrations.

His work experience since 1979 with many Indian and international organizations on techno-management functions have specialised him as a solution provider in tough situation.

Recently with his wife Trupti he has travelled almost 5000 kms from Umargaon in South Gujarat via Dahod in East Gujarat to Palanpur with an aim to use VIDEO FILMs as tool for effective education. More than 100 institutions have organised their FILM SHOW for children, students teachers and parents as much as 1.5 lakh people.

His interactive presentation help individuals and organizations to achieve success through progress. His personalised coaching and guidance has benefited many families. He puts into coaching practice his life’s experience to assist people to Improve the Quality of their personal, family, social and professional life.

( Valsad – 10.10.2011 )

About અખિલ સુતરીઆ

મારા વિશે મારે કંઇક કહેવાનું હોય તો, .... થોડુ વિચારવું પડે. મને મારી ઓળખ કરાવે .... એવા એક જ્ણની તલાશમાં છું.
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