Understanding Life

– Just type down your QUESTION as a ‘comment’ in Hindi or English.

– Your question can be addressed to Children, Youth, Women, Senior Citizens.

– Open Ended Questions will have preference.

– Remember this is NOT going to be a QUIZ event.

– I will include your QUESTION in my film.

– It will be asked to ONLY Indian Nationals on the streets of the Country.

– We will video record all Answers, Response, Reaction and Information.

– Your question will be credited with your Name / City / State.

– Let us together Create a community of Learning, Living, Leading and Loving people by


ps –

a.do not hesitate to ask me if you have any confusion. I have clarification for it.

b. you may ask as many questions as many you wish … but just one in a single ‘coment’.

Enjoy — be a part of never before event — before it goes beyond reach !!!

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મારા વિશે મારે કંઇક કહેવાનું હોય તો, .... થોડુ વિચારવું પડે. મને મારી ઓળખ કરાવે .... એવા એક જ્ણની તલાશમાં છું.
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1 Response to Understanding Life

  1. HIMANSHU કહે છે:

    1) how many bills you father paying (electricity, gas etc)where to pay it, do you know the place where to pay it?
    2) Have you ever prioritize the thing, values, relations, money etc?
    3) how long is your hobby list?
    4) what would you like to do “Set the example for others OR follow others example”?
    5) What can you extract from this oneliner ” “વહેલો જે ઉઠે , સોનાનો સુરજ તે પામે “?
    6) Do you have any plan for your family, country, yourself, community ?

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