9 October, 2012 07:50


Plz note that I have decided to clear all contacts from my cellphone.

If you think I shoud have your contact info, send it to me Only via eMail to akhil.itv at gmail dot com in following format :

plz type FRIEND in subject line.

plz mention –

/ name
/ cellphone
/ landline with code
/ email ID
/ age
/ location (CITY)
/ gender
/ occupation
/ education/
/ likes-dislikes.

Am now going to take care of ONLY those who sends requested info ..and them who have loved me .. supported me .. educated me .. entertained me … and will for sure live with a single mission to share my life with equal spirit with all of them.

Am on my way to make my world reachable and real from virtual.

Thank you for deciding and understanding.


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