Udaipur Calling.

I am ready to drive up my van from Valsad on 03.11.12.

– almost at the end of treatment.

– lost 9 kgs ( makes me look much younger ! )

– fresh healthy blood in veins.

– extra fresh energetic enthusiasm for seconiid innings.

– elevated ability to accept & Understand Life as it comes.

– transferring life driving / navigation controls to boys.

– simply want NOTHING for self.

– will spend time for people elder than me and youth.

– will find few children to play outdoor games.

– will share my knowledge & expirience to people who deserve.

– was happy –
– am happier –
am sure
– will be happiest man with my lovely, caring, cute and sweet spouse : a fighting friend, cool companion, silent speaker, excellent home maker .. Trupti who gave perfect attention to inculcate cultural values & upbringing of Uday and Umang while I was learning & earning.

I strongly believe this could not have / can not happen without YOUR best wishes.

plz … continue wishing / blessing us to serve the society.

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