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We had reached Udaipur yesterday at 6 pm after driving from Valsad. It took 10 hours with two breaks.
This afternoon after delicious lunch I instructed everyone home not to disturb me as wanted to sleep and recharge self. My cellphone buzzed … a msg was delivered :

” Are you Akhilbhai ? ”

I replied – yes.

” I am Vasanti ( Name changed ). Mane dipression jevoo laage chhe. Kashu gamatu nathi. Atmahatya karvaanaa vichar aave chhe. ”

I messaged her to call me on my cellphone. (+918058054054 – my new Rajasthan Number. )

She called me. Introduced herself. A student of SY BA in a college located in Bayad. She lives in a village near Himmat Nagar. She told me she was one of the student who particiopated my filmshow during Margdarshan Gujarat Yatra ( 2009) in a school in Anera.

I asked her what is the reason that she thinks to end life.

She said – diff. of opinion with parents and poor results in examinations in a very low and upset voice.

I asked if she is/was in love with someone and something went wrong.

She said – no. not at all. that is not the matter.

I asked her to explain me what do your parents expect from you ? A gold medal ? A university topper ?

She begun crying.

I asked her from where she was calling me and who is/are around her.

She said from the terrace and no one.

I asked her Can everyone become Lata Mangeshkar ? Sachin Tendulkar ? Amitabh Bacchan ?

She replied “No”

I probed – Tell me who lives with you in your house ?
She answered – mother, father, younger, brother, dada and dadi.
I asked whom do you love the most ?
She said – “ALL”.
I asked ” the most”
She said – Dadi.

I said – Go to her … sit next to her … put your head on her lap and tell her ” your mind this thinking about ending life but you want to live “. If you feel like crying ….. cry loud …. do not stop … let every one in house know this and that you love all of them. Hug your Dadi and ask her to help you. I know she will wipe your tears …. and say few words …. I am sure her palm will run over your cheeks and she will look at you with love in her eyes. This will help you in calming down.

I asked … do you wish to ask me anything ?

I asked – Can all students in class be FIRST among all ?

There can only one on the top. There are few in top 10s. There are some in top 20s and many are in 30s / 40s / 50s. and someone who is LAST too.

What is the reason for expecting self being on the top of the list and no one wants to be last ?

I continued – Learn to face failure. Losing 365 days by failing this year will not make any difference. You will be graduating little later. Thats OK.

I feel so good that you remembered me after 3 long years … almost 1000 days … why ? may be because you thought me to be trustworthy. I believe each members of your family too trust you. Don’t you think you must have trust on yourself ? Why scared of them who have been loving you since you were born ?

I added – Do you know if I were there right now in front of you what would I be doing ? – pinching your cheeks and make you giggle .. smile .. laugh ….

She begun laughing …. I felt she was now feeling relaxed.

I asked her how many marks are needed to go to TY ?
She cheerfully replied – sir, just passing marks.
Me : is that difficult for you ?
She : no not at all.
Me : You can built your self so strong that nothing can shake you. Your family members will always stand by you and will always help you in need. so ? What next ?
She : Sir, why don’t you come down to my hometown
to celebrate Deepavali with us ?
Me : Sure, I will. Can we fix up sometime after Deepavali as have come to Udaipur to stay with my son ?
She : Don’t forget. Sir, I will keep calling you regularly .. untill you visit my home.
Me : God bless you and all at home.

Hanged off the phone line – time meter showed up it was 33 mins .. conversation was ended. … I could not sleep this afternoon after delicious lunch. I was not disturbed. I felt fully recharged and realised what did my film do for Vasanti …. !!

I asked to self – Am I satisfied ?
Me : NO ….. want to produce many more inspirational and motivational short videos.


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